Welcome to TINAB!

Welcome to TINAB!

This is not a blog!

For years I’ve been writing notes on scraps of paper then filing them in sensible places. Then not finding them in sensible places.

Then I moved on to saving them in a structured set of folders on a USB pen drive. That was no improvement! Which pen drive is the most recent? Where’s the pen drive. What did I save it as? Perhaps I didn’t make a note about that particular thing.

So, I moved into the cloud. That solved nothing.

This is the latest and final (yeah, OK) version. I’ll put all my ramblings online. I’ll always be able to find them. And the added benefit is that anyone else who can find them can find them!

Let’s see how that works!

Oh…just in case you’re not me and you’re here anyway…

I’m an ICT Consultant who advises on ICT-related matters professionally, in the UK, but also tinkers, makes, plays with, develops, breaks, fixes and learns about solutions (generally technology-based) to all sorts of problems, non-problems and otherwise relevant (or not) things going on around me.

This is my library of things I’ve discovered and don’t want to lose!

It is very loosely a collection of info, opinions, discoveries (new to me, at least) and records relating to things like: electronics, computing (linux & Mac mostly), 3d printing, laser engraving, Arduino, ESP8266/32, Raspberry Pi, sensing the world, data, home automation, air transport, DIY, cars, food and (maybe) a little travel. I don’t intend to index or otherwise organise it – I’m hoping it will be sufficiently searchable to simply be a magic box of bits of paper from which the one I want next just floats out.

If you find anything interesting…that’s an added bonus. If you don’t…I will…hopefully!