Chicken (or Quorn) & Bean Enchiladas

Chicken (or Quorn) & Bean Enchiladas

Don’t put too much passata in the mix – keep it dry and make them up on the chopping board. Then place in the dish.

Lots of chipotle paste

Season the mix before building the enchiladas

2 red onion, sliced

2 peppers, sliced

4tsp Chipotle paste

2 chicken breast in thin strips or Quorn pieces

Can of kidney beans or kidney beans in chilli sauce

500ml passata


100g cheddar

Slice and fry onion and peppers

Stir in Chipotle paste, cook for a bit longer

Slice then add chicken/Quorn, cook through (5-10 mins)

Add beans and 150ml passata, warm through

Put a spoonful of passata in the bottom of the oven dish

Put tortillas in on top of the passata, arrange so each is open and ready to accept the mix

Put mix in tortillas and close up

Slice half the cheddar, dot the remaining passata on top of the closed tortillas, put the cheddar on top. Bake in the oven at 180 for 25 mins

Grate the remaining cheddar and sprinkle on top, finish in the oven (under grill if necessary) until the cheese is melted but not liquid

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