Chilli con Quorn for two

Chilli con Quorn for two

Dice 1 onion & 1 green pepper

Fry gently until soft then add 150g quorn mince, cook until defrosted and soft, maybe starting to colour

add 1tsp chilli powder & 1 chopped medium-fiery chilli, big capful of paprika, 2/3cap cumin, 2/3 cap coriander

Stir and cook for a minute

Add tin chopped toms & a stock cube powdered, 1 heaped tsp Chipotle paste

Add tin kidney beans

Stir and simmer gently for a while (20-30 minutes?)

Add sweetcorn and cook for 5m more

Serve with rice, cheddar, jalapenos, soured cream, etc

NOTE that 1tsp of ground espresso was not a good magic ingredient. Don’t.

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