ADS-B antenna and stats – Antenna A

ADS-B antenna and stats – Antenna A

For comparison and to assess the difference between differently-sized similarly-designed antennas I’ve been running this alongside Antenna B (here) to provide like-for-like data.

This is a work-in-progress and relates to this article on further developments beyond the details below.

The design is a basic 4.5-element coaxial collinear antenna with a whip, feedline and chokes.

Performance with this antenna, in summary, is as follows:

  • Max range: 81 nautical miles
  • Max angle: around 180° of reasonable range – due to a very large chunk of the Pennines nearby
  • Max aircraft at any one time: approx. 30
  • Max aircraft in any one hour: 136
  • Max msg/s: approx. 500
  • Max msg/s per aircraft approx. 38

See here for a stats comparison.

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