ADS-B antenna and stats – Antenna C

ADS-B antenna and stats – Antenna C

This is a work-in-progress and relates to this article on further developments beyond the details below.

The design is a basic 6.5-element coaxial collinear antenna with a whip, feedline and chokes and is intended to mirror Antenna B in order to ensure comparisons are equal before moving on to experimenting with various changes. There are two dump1090 stations running about 18″ apart in my loft and I wanted to compare the two to see whether there were any differences between them aside from the antenna so that I can compare changes to the antennas knowing other variables are identical (or near-identical). So I’ll run this “identical” antenna (B = C) on the second station for a week and compare data in the hope that the data are basically the same, then I can move on to making modifications to test the effectiveness.

Performance with this antenna, in summary, is very similar to Antenna B. Some stats are slightly up and some slightly down.

  • See here for a stats comparison.

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