French Toast / Eggy Bread

French Toast / Eggy Bread

Serves 4


6 eggs, 250ml milk, 300g bread in 20-30mm cubes

Soak bread in eggs, milk, salt and pepper for an hour, keep turning it. Don’t worry about it becoming a mush

Get a large non-stick frying pan hot – 75% on front left ring

After 5 minutes put plenty of oil in and get a handful of the bread. It is easy to separate with one hand – drop individual peices into the oil not touching each other – one third of the whole amount

After 5 minutes on one side start turning them over

After 5 minuets on the other side, shake them around repeatedly at minute intervals

Put into oven at 150 in a casserole

Do the next third

Then the next third, then put them all back in the pan for final cripsing of 5-10mintues. Keep turning with two wooden spoons

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