Tartare Sauce

Tartare Sauce

0:15Serves 4

Mayonnaise (approx 150)
Capers (approx 4 tbsp)
Gherkins (approx 3 tbsp)
Lemon juice
Salt & pepper
White vinegar (optional)

Chop capers finely
Chop gherkins coarsely
Mix capers and gherkins in a bowl, add a large squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt & pepper
Add mayonnaise until a very coarse consistency is obtained
Taste and leave to stand

When ready to serve:
add mayonnaise to get the consistency you require,
add salt & pepper to taste
add lemon juice to taste
add vinegar to counteract the flavour of the mayonnaise if that’s not to your taste and the lemon juice is starting to become too strong

I particularly like only enough mayo to bind the capers and gherkins whereas a traditional recipe is generally more sauce than substance.

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