UPDATED: MacOS Cloud Desktop – new instructions for OneDrive

UPDATED: MacOS Cloud Desktop – new instructions for OneDrive

Using a cloud-based folder (eg a folder within your sync’d Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive) means its possible to a) synchronise the contents of your desktop across multiple devices, b) make it available from elsewhere, and c) back it up.

Previously I wrote instructions that, as at the time of writing this article (February 2022), no longer work. Those instructions are still available here for clarity.

The previous instructions were in two steps – the first moved the existing Desktop folder so as to allow a symbolic link to be created in its place. Unfortunately that step is, now, followed by MacOS X automatically recreating a Desktop folder in its place, so the step following that (to create the symlink) failed.

To get it working again simply combine the two commands into a single line that executes in one go:

sudo mv  ~/Desktop ~/OldDesktop && ln -s "/Users/<username>/<onedrivefoldername>/Desktop/" ./Desktop

The contents of your cloud-based “Desktop” folder should now appear on your MacOS X desktop, and the contents of your previous Desktop should be available at ./OldDesktop

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